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  • Customized Design

    With the most beautiful architecture & infra we can create almost any design on any material

  • Micro Cutting Technology

    We bring you the best Micro Metal Cutting Laser Technology

  • LAVISH Designs

    Get the output of your toughts on the customized design on the metal frame

  • Railing Designs

    Innorate your Interiors with almost all possible designs on metal.

  • Structural Fabrication

    Create a strong structural models that can be tempary or permenent in use.

  • Tensile Structure

    Give that curve to your metal Structures.

About Deenanath Polyamide Pvt. Ltd.

We bring Life to Metal


Get the Most out of the Metal now with our most comprehensive machinery.

Deenanath Polyamide Pvt. Ltd. Laser Tech our 3 Decades is providing valuable customers with fulariation related to Metal. We pride our selves to best in our markts with update Mechanism & remarkable quality outputs with ever increasing & new technology equipments.

We now bring to you the most updated lasertech Machinery for culty metals into almost anything.

Certified Company
20 Years Experinced
Innovative Works